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The Angels Talk
The Angels Talk: A True Story To Help You Talk To Angels is exclusively available at Amazon.  

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The Angels Talk - at Amazon
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 The Angels Talk: A True Story To Help You Talk To Angels is a timeless story that originated out of the first edition published in 1997 by Penguin Studio Books. The project began with a dream-vision that came as an answer to a mother's prayer to help calm the fears of her terminally ill child. But to the co-creators' surprise, there was an additional benefit from the Angels that helped them and tens of thousands of readers build a bridge of consciousness between the Spiritual Realms and our Human World.

     Over the years, letters and emails poured in from Angel Talk fans around the world, who shared their own heartfelt experiences from playing the original Angels Talk Message Board. Many were also touched by the personal stories in the first Angels Talk book. Still, more were searching for out-of-print copies.

     Almost twenty years later, it is our deep honor to offer you The Angels Talk: A True Story To Help You Talk To Angels, a fully revised and expanded edition of the original project. This time around, the clear intention is to assist in the opening of your spiritual heart.  Further, it is our aim to offer the Angels uplifting spiritual perspectives that help strengthen your conscious connection to your Divine Self.

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