The Angels Talk II with On-line Game and Companion Book
About the Authors/Creators
The Angels Talk II
Kaye -

Kaye Sturgis - Co-Author/ Creator of The Angels Talk IIKaye "saw" and communicated telepathically with her first Angels at five years old in a Near Death Experience or NDE. The after effects of this high intensity event created an ever expanding conscious link with the World of Spirit. In retrospect, it is only natural that she would eventually write about Angels and other spiritual subjects. It was her daughter, Kelly, whose own life path inspired the original Angels Talk. Aside from being a writer, Kaye is also a teacher, healer and intuitive astrologer. She and Larry (see below) are currently working on another book. More information about Kaye can be found at or

Larry -

Larry Sturgis - Co-Author/Creator of The Angels Talk IIWhen Larry was a child, he would say he wanted to be a simple man, a wise man when he grew up, and has followed that lead ever since, one experience at a time. His metaphysical journey began early. At thirteen, he began playing with a Ouija board to contact spirits and had very fortunate and positive experiences. A deeper spiritual education began at twenty when he had his first Out-Of-Body Experience or OBE. For him, the event changed everything. Larry's spiritual perspectives along with his advanced graphic design skills are tailor-made for his major contribution as artist and co-author to The Angels Talk. More information about Larry can be found at or or

Deborah -

Deborah Taylor - AuthorFor Deborah, two pivotal experiences would shape her life. One occurred as a child, growing up in the wilderness of the Blue Ridge Mountains where she encountered the powerful Spirits of Earth, the Devas and Nature Spirits, who would become her constant companions. Another occurred while in her thirties, when a mysterious illness left her unable to work. It was during this time that she found herself engaged in an on-going apprenticeship with the Angelic Realm, one that would guide her into becoming a writer.

These two experiences shaped her life’s work to build partnerships with the spiritual world. Deborah is co-author of “Angels: The Lifting of the Veil,” and an award-winning freelance writer and journalist who has taught many people across the country to write -- with the help of the Angels.